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Why MacOS X Server?

Author:Brian V. Hughes
Posted:3/11/1999; 8:28:18 AM
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MacWEEK: Why MacOS X Server? The question had crossed my mind too. Playing Monday Morning Quarterback, Apple would have done well to invest in WebSTAR. Sorry!

No need to apologize...

Assuming we are talking about Apple's choice of web server for the initial release of MacOS X Server, why do you think it makes more sense to have them invest in WebSTAR, when Apache is already the leading player in the Unix web serving market?

As for the underlying question of Why? I pretty much agree with what Wes was saying yesterday. Apple is releasing MacOS X Server to get the OpenStep developers excited, and up to speed on the MacOS user interface, so their transition to MacOS X later this year will be smoother. And to get some general mindshare and developer presence.

Regular MacOS developers won't have to really learn anything new, beyond the new Carbon API calls that couldn't be directly mapped from the old Toolbox. Of course, if regular MacOS developers want to learn the YellowBox APIs and the Interface Builder system, I doubt Apple would have any problems with that. ;->

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