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Re: Unix Envy

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:3/11/1999; 4:54:38 PM
Topic:Unix Envy
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On the one hand, he's saying that Unix needs to standardize on a single desktop (or, more accurately, a single API).

Nope, ten points off. The API is just the beginning. If you want to woo desktop users to Linux it has to be standard for them to. The Human Interface, something not to be trifled with because it's so hard and pointless to reprogram braincells and lower-level interactions (things you don't even think about but notice when someone changes them).

Further, when I say that Unix must embrace Windows/Mac, I mean that we've learned some stuff in the last 20 years, and we've also learned to do what Unix does. So if you want your OS to grow (as many say they do) then you must study what people like about Windows/Mac and do it too. This is Competition 101.

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