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Re: Why MacOS X Server?

Author:Lea Park
Posted:3/11/1999; 5:40:20 PM
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Chuck Shotton: Apple could make an amazing leap into the Linux space, simply by releasing the entire set of Carbon APIs and the OpenStep interfaces as a GPL product...

MacWEEK: Why MacOS X Server? by Tony Smith: ...Mac OS X's high level of portability comes courtesy of the work NeXT did to make OpenStep easy to move to different platforms. Apple has played down this aspect of the new OS... However, hints have been emerging from Apple for some time that the company is considering building Mac OS X onto other kernels... For now it may be far-fetched to suggest a version of Mac OS X that sits on top of the Linux kernel is in the cards... Apple at least has the opportunity....

I've been wondering for a long time how Steve Jobs was going to deal with Linux, precisely because the new Mac OS is a version of Unix plus a great GUI, and now this wonderful technical/cultural phenonemon has come out of left field to challenge that (because the Linux community is going after the desktop as well as the server.) I bet he'll do something along one or the other of the paths that Tony Smith and Chuck Shotton suggest. He won't be able to resist the opportunity to play brilliantly with Linux...

I've read that the lead Gnome volunteer developer is Miguel de Icaza, who works as a systems administrator at the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico. Icaza is quoted as saying the Mexican government is going to install millions of copies of Linux in Mexico's schools. Meanwhile Red Hat claims to be underwriting the free distribution of ~140,000 copies into Mexican schools. The same deal? Anyway, Red Hat gets it. I guess they have to, but will they be able to bring all their new investors along? At last count just about every big player seems to have bought a bit of them. (IBM, Oracle, Novell, Netscape, Intel, Compaq).

YellowDog Linux for Mac G3's, referred to by the Apple page Michel Benevento (3956) pointed to, looks interesting.

This is my first formatted post on Discuss- what a great interface Frontier has here.

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