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Re: Why MacOS X Server?

Author:James Spahr
Posted:3/12/1999; 8:59:29 AM
Topic:scriptingNews outline for 3/11/99
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As an aside, my second machine is a PowerBook now. The trackpad is alright - certainly better than the marble trackball on my old Duo, but if I sit down to do anything but answer email and check a few web sites with it, I have to plug in a mouse. My reflexes just haven't adapted to the trackpad yet. I'm not sure if they ever will.

I am primarily a pixel pusher, and I've own a powerbook (520c, 3400) for the last 5 years as my personal machine. It took a while (1 1/2 years) before the trackpad was comfortable. I now prefer it to a mouse!

funny how these things work.

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