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Re: Empty Discussion Home Page

Author:Eric Soroos
Posted:3/15/1999; 8:25:59 PM
Topic:Empty Discussion Home Page
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Yes. What is happening is that you're coming in on a slow connection, and you're getting a page that's not fully loading.

Netscape does not display a table that does not have a tag at the end. (Or will not even begin to display such a table until that tag is reached) When you get a broken connection, you don't get that tag. It happens more with slower connections.

MSIE will attempt to display as much of the table that it has, so I will see message titles break off in mid title.

I've started to see this in the last month or so. The wierd thing is that it seems to happen much more with my 28.8 modem than with my 33.6 one, even though they go over the same line and ISP and everything.


PS This has been discussed before, most recently on 3-7 in$3769

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