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scriptingNews outline for 3/17/99

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:3/17/1999; 3:28:00 AM
Topic:scriptingNews outline for 3/17/99
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Preview: Workgroup To-Do Lists in Frontier 6.

The RSS File Tester provides a simple way to check the validity of Netscape-compatible RSS files. People have been reporting problems. I wanted to see if the problems are with the files or with Netscape's server, and also (obviously) to accumulate a list of RSS files. If there are enough of them we might be able to do something interesting here.

WhoIs.UserLand.Com: New features, fixes. Each history item now has a checkbox that allows you to delete the item. Correctly handles spaces in the request, spiffy new graphic.

Hannes Wallnofer has a new version of XML-RPC for Java. sneaks a peek at MSIE5.

Several leaders of the Open Source community published their concerns with Apple's Public Source License.

Frontier Users: We got bit by the Comment Bit Bug. It's a nasty little booger. In order to be able to update Frontier.root, manual installation of a fix may be necessary. The problem will be with us forever, when exporting an object from Frontier 6, if you intend it to be used by people with Frontier 5 or earlier, be sure none of your script lines are longer than 255 characters. We have provided a script that verifies that for any script object. If you were already using the Frontier 6 app when you installed the last root update, or if you're a week or so behind, everything is fine, no changes are needed.

Financial Times: Gates Interview. "Every piece of e-mail I have sent over the past decade has been read by 50 government lawyers. So there is nothing new. I live the examined life." Registration required.

Brent Simmons notes that The Dancing Hamsters are now included in NewsSearch.UserLand.Com.

Oh no! Another one. The Boogie Blocks.

Are you an idiot? If so, this site is for you.

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