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Re: Question from an ex-NeXT user

Author:Zeke Koch
Posted:3/17/1999; 8:42:11 AM
Topic:Mac OS X Server Press Conference
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Yup. The main problem that we had w/ the NeXT's was that kids would download porn from the news reader and fill up the hard drive. We ended up writing a sniffer that crawled the HD's and deleted all suspicious gif's and jpegs periodically.

When the Mac's started getting newsreaders the kids moved to them (since they were color and our NeXT's were B&W). I think the problem w/ NeXT's was that no one knew if they were servers or workstations. They were friendly enough that people used them like personal computers, but since they were really shared resources that caused trouble.

Of course you could have said the same thing about the other unix workstations, but they were running X at the time and you never really felt like you were using that particular computer (it felt like they were terminals). People were more careful about hogging resources and the like. Also, they were so hard to use than only us geeks liked them...

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