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Re: CodeWarrior Latitude

Author:Lea Park
Posted:3/17/1999; 9:51:47 AM
Topic:Zope vs. Frontier
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Perhaps they're up to something recently?...

ecarr, a participant on the appleinsider discussion re Linux and Mac, mentioned Latitude to me in an email last week However, he said he couldn't find it on Metrowerks site now, and that last press release was dated 10/97.

ecarr also pointed me to this ROAM site where some interesting work is going on- trying to get "ROAM" to map in the "ROM" in Linux so the MacOS APIs could be called natively in Linux by mounting the ROM image. Ecarr thinks this might be "one of the neater ways MacOS programs might arrive on Mklinux or LinuxPPC".

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