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Author:Eric Kidd
Posted:3/15/1999; 9:56:32 AM
Topic:Zope vs. Frontier
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Metrowerks has an internal package for porting Macintosh applications to other systems. It currently supports Windows, and it used to support the BeOS to a certain extent. Perhaps they're up to something recently?

As for Windows developers: there's an open-source library called WINE which supports about 90% of the Windows APIs. It's more or less useless as an emulator (although it does run Lotus Notes fairly well), but it can also be used as a porting library.

Corel used WINE to port WordPerfect 8 to Linux, and they're pouring a fair bit of money into enhancing it so that they can port CorelDraw and their other packages. On another front, Corel has contracted with Cygnus to add MSVC++ extensions to GCC.

As far as I can tell, the barriers between Linux and the desktop operating systems are falling, at least for adventurous developers.

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