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Author:Dave Winer
Posted:3/18/1999; 3:12:59 PM
Topic:Wish list:
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Number three is our vision.

It's why we're interested in RSS and why I offered today to do all the content management for RSS-type sites at no charge.

Think of it as very high level web hosting.

I should have included Netscape in that list, or more specifically Netcenter. If you want to offload the XML processing and HTML generating, we'd be happy to pick it up. It's inline with where we want to take our business. Serving special-purpose channels thru existing portals.

Stay with what we're doing, it's all almost done. The search engine, the weblog console, the news site management, calendar, etc. It's all leading to pretty much what you outlined in #3, except we're not doing the CVS stuff, it's not focused on software engineers, it's focused on channeling special-purpose excellence in a variety of non-geek areas.

I just got back from some meetings and got some very encouraging emails from companies that run portals. I'd say there's real interest in us filling this niche, and it's just right for us.

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