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Wish list:

Author:Andrew Wooldridge
Posted:3/18/1999; 2:46:01 PM
Topic:Wish list:
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Just a bunch of web-wishes - but I wonder how feasable they will be with Frontier 6.0?

1) a dynamically created site where "anyone" can post changes to the site - sort of a communal enterprise where news and features get added by the people that actually use the site - all via the web. Sort of an "open source" website.

2) "syndicated" agents - Imagine a web site you go to and post your preferences for news and stuff you like. Every day it does a search for you and presents the results as an RSS (or whatever) channel. You could have multiple instances of these agents going and create a truely interesting dynamic portal.

3) A bigggggg wish - a "" style site GENERATOR. What the heck do I mean? Well you have this idea, and you want to drive a specialized site that has news, chat, CVS, etc. specifically for your idea (perhaps an open source widget). Well it's really hard to get all of that messenging stuff together on your own. What if all you had to do was write up a vision statement, gather whatever code you already have and you go to a site that you input this information. Then immediately you leverage all the messaging engines that this site has and it builds and keeps track of a sort of "" for you.

Imagine combining the customizability of "my yahoo" with an open source development site. It would be huge!!

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