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Bill Gates says use Frontier-like tools!

Author:Andrew Wooldridge
Posted:3/20/1999; 5:31:38 PM
Topic:Bill Gates says use Frontier-like tools!
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I was reading the March 22 edition of Time mag which has "Bill Gates' new rules" I really dislike B.G but his new "rules" are interesting:

1)insist that information flow through email

2)study sales data online to share insights easily

3)shift knowledge workers into high-level thinking

4)use digital tools to create virtual teams

5)convert every paper process to a digital process

6)use digital tools to eliminate single-task jobs

7)create a digital feedback loop

8)use digital systems to route customer complaints immediately

9)use digital communication to redefine the boundaries

10)transform every business practice into just-in-time delivery

11)use digital delivery to eliminate the middle man

12)use digital tools to help customers solve problems for themselves.

Can you see just by those subject headings how many categories F6 might be used?

Just food for thought.

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