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scriptingNews outline for 3/25/99

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:3/25/1999; 5:22:19 AM
Topic:scriptingNews outline for 3/25/99
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Frontier users: Send us your screen shots! Be creative..

I've collected some great examples from the screen shots site.

Charles Babcock: Open source, closed minds.

Flutterby: Why XML Adoption will be Slow.

The beat goes on. One more time!

Today's song: "Give me the Keys" by Huey Lewis and the News. "I can see you got your motor running. But don't you think you're moving kind of slow? If you feel the way I feel, let me get behind the wheel! Give me the keys, and I'll drive you crazy. Give me the keys and I'll drive you out of your mind!" I know it's corny, but I like it.

Happy Birthday to Aretha Franklin. We love you!

Scott Richards at Macromedia released a DLL for Dreamweaver that does an HTTP GET. This could be a key piece for connecting Frontier apps and DW, especially interesting for, coming sooon.

InfoWorld: W3C Chief Urges Agent-readable Sites. "Berners-Lee strongly urged I-commerce developers to start migrating toward the RDF, which, according to the W3C's Web site, 'integrates a variety of Web-based meta-data activities including site maps, content ratings, stream channel definitions, search engine data collection (Web crawling), digital library collections, and distributed authoring, using XML as an interchange syntax.'"

Today I'm thinking about an alien living in some other galaxy, browsing the web, seeing a link to Earth, clicking on it, and finding something interesting. Users Fume over Customized IE5.

CNN: Government asks Internic to Explain.

David Fiedler: What was Network Solutions Thinking?

Red Herring: Sun, surf, $50 million.

Seth Dillingham: The Queue Suite, a system for processing items one at a time in the order they were received. A key component for workflow apps. Runs in all versions of Frontier. Thanks Seth!

Ian Beatty: A new outline renderer for Frontier 6. Yay!!

Screen shot of Ian's renderer. Synergy!

Christoph Pingel is working on an editorial system for a broadcast radio station's website.

I don't think this site will win a Webby Award..

I'm looking for something like WebSTAR for Windows NT.

Christian Rappo writes "Hi Dave, I wake up this morning and you know what? They tell us that there is a war not so far from Switzerland, my place. A war in a warland! Bad days." I agree. I feel that World War III may be starting. I don't like what my country is doing.

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