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Re: Technography and dynamic templates

Author:Dave Rogers
Posted:3/25/1999; 2:59:33 PM
Topic:Technography and dynamic templates
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Hmmmm... somehow I missed this post yesterday. Better late than never though!

The outline is the agenda. Contained within the elements of the agenda items (subtopics) are links to related material. As I introduce a topic, I'll expand that heading, and click on the link and display the related document. Presumably everyone has already had a chance to read the document, but if anyone needs to do so then, they can. It also shows we can refer back to it with ease should anyone wish to clarify a particular point.

As a topic is discussed, I'm supposed to be noting the relevant portions of the discussion, (i.e. who is going to take what action, what are the points of the discussion, etc.) I've failed at this because I'm too often taking part in the discussion and I can't type and talk at the same time. I think I'll solve that problem by having someone else actually be the technographer while I sort of run the meeting. Now, mind you, no one else in the meeting actually knows I should be taking notes! They're all sort of mesmerized by seeing an agenda and relevant documentation being presented to them in the conduct of the meeting. So I routinely get a lot of thanks for running a great meeting, even though I haven't achieved what I'd hoped.

The outline resides on shared volume on the LAN and in turn becomes a relevant document which is linked to the subsequent agenda. We're working on a more defined architecture with appropriate permissions for the files in order to preserve the integrity of the document and their links. As it is currently structured, anyone could edit or even delete the document. We're really bootstrapping ourselves here, just kind of following much of what you've written and our own muse.

With regard to being sensitive, the military is very rank conscious, and I'm just about everyone's boss. If someone offers a point they feel strongly about, and I strongly disagree with it, I may through my voice, body language, or facial expression (or all three!) convey some displeasure. It has never been to anyone's advantage to displease the boss in the military (probably true in other settings as well), but the reaction is usually something along the lines of "Well, if you're just going to shit on me, I'm just going to sit here and shut up." I've been sensitive to that most of the time, but if I'm having a bad day, and our facilitator doesn't intervene quickly, an unpleasant exchange takes place and the meeting loses two otherwise productive members. The junior shuts down and the senior is angry about being insensitive or losing control and so he or she retreats. Usually a break is called for at that time so the senior can approach the junior and attempt amends without having to do so in front of everybody.

Is any of this making any sense?


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