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Re: [ANN] outline renderer for F6 HTML authoring

Author:Dave Rogers
Posted:3/27/1999; 6:07:59 PM
Topic:[ANN] outline renderer for F6 HTML authoring
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Sure. I'm guessing at this, because I have no idea how one does this sort of thing. The remote participants would be able to see the outline in something like Real Player, or Quicktime Conferencing or something like that, but optimized a bit to offer higher resolution. Since we're using an outliner, think that works to our advantage. We can use larger fonts, carefully selected to look clear at relatively low resolutions. If the "player" could support a resolution of 512x382 you'd be looking at the original Mac screen. I think that's eminently do-able, I don't know that anyone's done it yet. Perhaps it would be possible to tune a client for this particular purpose to something higher, like 640x480. I think the bandwidth requirements wouldn't be much greater than a 56kbps modem.

So I think it would look something like this:

T, at a remote site with the application of his choice running on his machine, presumably Frontier. His video is mirrored to the input of a streaming video server (say from the S-VHS port of a Powerbook G3), which the remote participants are connected to via the internet. T's audio is transmitted via a telephone conference call.

The participants receive the video in a client player, which should leave their browser free. On their browsers, the participants have a web page with background information and links which support the purpose of the meeting. When T's ready to output the outline for hardcopy, T renders it in Frontier to the website and the participants can print the hardcopy at the close of the meeting.

Again, someone much wiser than I am in the ways of streaming video needs to assess whether this is possible.

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