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Re: Web browsers still don't work

Author:Rafe Colburn
Posted:3/27/1999; 7:16:13 PM
Topic:Build interfaces with xml: XUL (cnet article)
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It seems to me that XUL is part of Mozilla because it's the right way to design software. Creating the layer of abstraction there makes it easy for people to customize the browser, and makes it easy for Mozilla to maintain a common code base across platforms. They can allow their internal UI designers to work in XUL instead of mucking around in the platform-specific code for each platform that Mozilla will run on.

The fact that it will enable users to create custom "skins" for the browser is just a side effect of the new design of Mozilla. I imagine you'll be able to turn off the ability of Web sites to modify the look and feel of your browser; if Netscape doesn't give us that ability, someone will take the Mozilla source and create a hack that will enable us to do so.

I'm looking forward to being able to quickly and easily get rid of all of the crap on the browser interface that I don't use, or wire that stuff to functionality that I do use.

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