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scriptingNews outline for 3/28/99

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:3/28/1999; 5:42:51 AM
Topic:scriptingNews outline for 3/28/99
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Seattle Times: States to auction Windows source code?

A big milestone! Here I am, registering the RSS version of with It was a long trail that led to this place, but every step was done with open low-tech stuff that's being maintained by content management systems, one in Perl on Linux and the other in Frontier on NT.

Want to know how it came to be? Read this DG message. I love this story, it's so Internet-like. It's at times like this that I totally dig this medium.

Another reason I like this Rube Goldberg-like contraption is that it sticks it to Netscape for requiring that nutty free-speech-limiting agreement. As they say, the net routes around outages.

Belgium's On-line With Rock is the newest channel.

A question about My.UserLand.Com from a news site producer: "Will you accept French-written news concerning information technology and mainly Africa?" Yes! Absolutely. Think big and broad. We want all kinds of news. If there are people doing French stuff about Africa, we want it. RSS all the way.

Netscape's RSS spec.

Trend Micro: Security advisory on the Microsoft email virus known as Melissa.

SJ Merc: What's bugging Microsoft? They're not talking about viruses.

Dan Gillmor: Online threat to print journalism. Dan's one of the good guys. My advice, in their coverage of the Internet industry, expose more lies told by advertisers. This is where I suspect the Washington Post, NY Times and the SJ Merc alike. Coming out of the Apple press conference a few weeks back, I was apalled how the major outlets covered it. The lies were right there on the surface. They all carried the party line. This makes me doubt their credibility when they cover subjects that I am not familiar with.

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