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Re: Troubleshooting a - End of File

Author:Michael Zajac
Posted:3/28/1999; 4:38:47 PM
Topic:Troubleshooting a Nirvana Server installation
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I had the same problem, and tried your download links, Dave. The download stalls repeatedly, and I end up resuming many times to get the big htmlInterfaces.root file. I finally downloaded the complete file, but when try to login at <http://localhost/htmlInterfaces/logon/>, I get an error message that says:

Sorry! There was an error: This database has a damaged free list. Use the Save a Copy command to create a new, compacted database.

Is this from a corrupted htmlInterfaces.root? Since the original download was probably bad, I won't try recovering it. I'll wait until Nirvana is released and the download problems are solved.

FYI: I also have the problem of incomplete pages, especially from I have had these problems with MSIE 4.5, Netscape 4.05 and Anarchie Pro 3.5, all on a Mac. I'd be glad to help trouble-shoot the problem.

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