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Annoying Frontier App bug

Author:Lixian B. Chiu
Posted:3/29/1999; 12:35:00 PM
Topic:Annoying Frontier App bug
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This has not been a problem to me until today. No, nothing wrong with my computer, but my brain is not functioning well today because I am sick.

On the Mac version of Frontier, when you launch a fresh root (means, you haven't entered the serial number before) and are presented with the dialog box to enter the serial number, if you click "cancel", Frontier will crash, actually the system will crash.

It becomes very annoying to me, because I was trying to install a fresh 6.0fc, and I kept forget to write down my serial number. It's annoying because you can't switch to other background services while you are presented with the dialog box, so, if you forget the serial number, your only choice is to crash your whole OS.

I can accept crashing Frontier (well, not very willingly), but crashing the whole OS is too much. 'cause when your brain doesn't function well (like what mine is today), after you restart, it's very easy to forget to drop down the serial number again, and then you will enjoy another restart. I know, because I did it 5 times :-((

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