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Re: Sample code and utilities?

Author:Brian Kelly
Posted:3/29/1999; 1:54:50 PM
Topic:Sample code and utilities?
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I'd love to see something like for Frontier.

The thing that's great about Perl is that there is a module for doing just about anything. Heck, Perl modules are the only real "re-usable code" that I've worked with. And the CPAN listings make it fairly easy to find modules that do what you want.

I think a simple directory of different types of scripts people have written would be great. Have a set of top categories and perhaps a few sub-categories. Then either have a link the page about the script or a local copy.

Allow user to log in and upload their work, edit it, annotate it, etc. I guess you could use the framework for the discussion board as a base for this.

Dunno, just thinking out loud....

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