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Re: An On-Line Technography Scenario

Author:garret p vreeland
Posted:3/30/1999; 2:59:19 PM
Topic:An On-Line Technography Scenario
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Hey, Bernie ...

The resume idea is cool, but I want this same sort of functionality for learning Frontier!

Since the outline gives a clear visual heirarchy to what steps should be performed and when, how about the instructional steps for specific Frontier functions bundled in the database? Then, if I have a problem, taking that outline online with a "Master Frontiersman" (Nirvanerd?) who helps me through the problem?

With both the "Frontiersman" and the user annotating the outline, Userland gets direct feedback for further engineering improvements, and the user gets results immediately, and has a documentary record for review (minimizing callbacks).

Your same idea, just turned a bit and aimed at Frontier, or instructional purposes in general. Or getting rid of those miserable help lines that we all end up spinning our wheels in?

To underline the major concept from your last paragraph: tutorials are fine, but gleaning experiential advice and having a knowledgeable individual help a user walk-through a specific function will always be a much more compelling instructional experience.

Keep the ideas flowing, folks! Don't make Bernie do all the work ...

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