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Search Engine installation diary

Author:Darcy Clark
Posted:4/7/1999; 1:12:10 PM
Topic:Search Engine installation diary
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I am relative Frontier newbie trying to utilize the cool new features of Frontier 6. I am slowly trying to get each new feature up and running but am having a lot of problems getting things to work 'out of the box' so to speak. My current problem revolves around the search engine. After getting the discussion group stuff working, I wanted to make the discussion messages searchable. I was able to do this using the are not automatically indexed, but at least I can manually update the index. Hopefully a future doc will address how to set this up. will need to be edited to suit your server (siteURL and adrMessages are two variables that you will need to change).

I then moved onto trying to make guest databases searchable. There are some docs at$3.2.7 which I followed. It turns out that pages/table should be indexed on 'checking in' via WebEdit. Turns out that the WebEdit shipped with Frontier6 is a version 1.0 beta - after working this out and installing the latest version (2.0fc1) I was able to get WebEdit working, but files are still not being indexed. After digging around some more, I found there is a menu at that contains the menu options to Index Page and Index Table. After installing the menu, I tried running these scripts on a guest database that I made, but I got errors. After digging around some more I found that the Index Table menu option refers to a script that doesn't exist, i.e. (adrTable, false, true). So this is where I am after about 10 hours of playing. Lucky things are slow and I have time to mess around, otherwise I would have given up long ago.

I post these notes so that other in my situation and at my skill level might benefit. I also hope that anyone who knows how to finish the setup of the search engine might be able to help me.

Frontier 6 looks like it will be a great tool. The new features offer a lot of promise, but don't seem to be setup to work 'out of the box' yet.....I intend this as constructive criticism.

Darcy Clark

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