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Re: Multiplatform WebEdit setup

Author:Christian Huldt
Posted:4/7/1999; 2:19:58 PM
Topic:Multiplatform WebEdit setup
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I think that a rather cool way of handling this would be to have the character set as an attribut:

in web pages, discussion group messeges et al.

The main reason is that I'mcurrently setting up a Frontier 6 server for the Language Learning Resource Center at Stockholm university, and as it runs on a mac I found a little problem: the discussion group messages are written in web browsers, usually set to iso8859-1, and hence stored as that on the server. That's allright, esp. for later editing, but when they are rendered the translation is wrong, as the mac server uses string.iso8859encode(subject, rather than string.iso8859encode(subject, which would work...

Now, the subject is the Language Learning Resource Center, which is using at least 11 different languages including Japanese and Chinese...

I know that they would love to post messages in all the different languages, but I'll probably just whack some translations in to make Swedish work, but adding a character-set attribute would be something to build on for the future...

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