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Re: Using members logon form for non-DG
Posted:4/8/1999; 12:56:20 AM
Topic:Using members logon form for non-DG
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Well some slight amount of progress, I guess. I copied the stock Logon section into my GDB. Some slight mods for my templates. I made sure I have #urls defined:

memberCheckMail file:///Devp/testpublish/logon/checkYourMail memberHome file:///Devp/testpublish/logon/welcome memberLogoff file:///Devp/testpublish/logon/logoff memberLogon file:///Devp/testpublish/logon/

and #members = employees, which exists in my members.root table.

Now when I invoke the macro {mainresponder.members.signupform ()} by telling Frontier to publish the signup page, I get [Macro error: Can't find a sub-table named "responderattributes".] Other times it says things like Macro error: "path" is not defined. I see that responder.members.signupForm has the following line active: local (formaction = pta^.path) while responder.members.logonForm has that line commented out. Funny.

I've tried defining the #urls to use localhost instead of file. Tried changing config urls vs. local ones. No diff. I can publish a different web page in the same GDB which does a bunch of data manipulations on the GDB using macros of my own design, so F6 seems to be working to that extent. I tried RPC updating the Frontier.root and responder.root. Responder got some updates, while Frontier was current. I'm starting to get frustrated with how difficult it seems to be to add membership capability. Thank you for the offer to look at my gdb, I may take you up on that later today. --erik goetze

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