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Using members logon form for non-DG

Posted:4/7/1999; 11:49:43 AM
Topic:Using members logon form for non-DG
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I've searched and browsed and can't find out how to activate members logon capability for something other than a discussion group (I'm building a demo of a personalized intranet portal with lots of headline aggregrations). In mainResponder.root.members.logonForm it says you invoke this as a macro. I tried putting it as a macro in a template (and I have templates working, and the web server is turned on). It constantly says cannot execute the macro becauser it can't find it, no matter what path I try (logonForm, members.logonForm, etc. inside macro braces). Perhaps I am doing things the hard way, but I don't see how to get started.

Details: PowerMac 8500, 8.1, Frontier 6.0GM, my website is a guest db.

Thanks for any info--erik

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