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[ANN] ODBExtractor 1.1.1

Author:Philippe Martin
Posted:4/9/1999; 9:23:23 AM
Topic:[ANN] ODBExtractor 1.1.1
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Hi all,

Now that Frontier 6 has been released, ODBE needed a little update to be fully adapted to its new environment.

Changes in 1.1.1:

Improved the installer when used with Frontier 6. If config.root doesn't exist, it prompts the user to store the preferences in the users table, to locate config.root, or to create it. Thanks to Arnold Lesikar who found the problem.

What is ODBE?

ODBExtractor lets you browse from Frontier 5 or 6 a remote root (even a 4.2 or a corrupt one), and import its objects without launching it. It makes easy to migrate your work between roots, and to recover your data from a root which has been corrupted.



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