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webBrowser.getSource doesn't use proxy settings on NT?

Posted:4/9/1999; 11:24:29 AM
Topic:webBrowser.getSource doesn't use proxy settings on NT?
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I've been happily using webBrowser.getSource on MacOS and it passes the request over to your browser (in my case Netscape), then returns the resulting text to your script. I guess the Frontier code never has to worry about proxies since that information is buried in Netscape's preferences. However in trying to do exactly the same thing on NT, it never fetches anything 'external'. Yes, I'm behind a firewall. I've applied the FrontierPS update. I've entered my proxy settings at frontier.root.user.webbrowser.proxy, and I know Frontier can use them properly because I updated my mainResponder from Madrid. I've tested the getsource cmd with intranet URLs and it does work fine. Does tcp.examples.httpGet think about proxies? I looked at the code and don't see anything. If there is an easy workaround, I'd love to hear it.

Is there a bonus program for finding bugs?

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