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Re: Why no Table.setDisplay() command?

Posted:4/13/1999; 3:14:45 PM
Topic:Why no Table.setDisplay() command?
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I tried that, but subsequent table.go(down,1) type commands began operating on the wrong (still displayed) table.

The root of my problem (which is probably just unfamiliarity with inner Frontier) is that I'd like an easy way to programmatically visit all top-level "summits" in a table, and the names of the table elements are not a simple sequence of numbers that would obey a for loop. So if table "whackynames" has an element "grognard" with value "frob", I'd like to refer to this first element by saying whackynames[1] or some other equally easy reference. Yes, I know about table.visit. I may have to fall back to that.

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