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Re: Why no Table.setDisplay() command?

Author:André Radke
Posted:4/13/1999; 3:52:57 PM
Topic:Why no Table.setDisplay() command?
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So if table "whackynames" has an element "grognard" with value "frob", I'd like to refer to this first element by saying whackynames[1] or some other equally easy reference.

I am still not sure if I understand you correctly, but maybe this example will help:

local (ix);
for ix = 1 to sizeof (examples) {
    msg (examples[i])}

Or, using addresses:

local (ix, adr, adrTable = @examples);
for ix = 1 to sizeof (adrTable^) {
    adr = @adrTable^[ix];
    msg (adr)}

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