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Re: A Limit on entries in tables?

Author:Christopher Short
Posted:4/13/1999; 9:44:43 PM
Topic:A Limit on entries in tables?
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did there used to be a limit on the number of entries that a table could have

hmmm...just as fuzzy, there was some sort of limit, but it may have been depths or number of entries.

Either way - those limits aren't there now (or they are very very big)

Not a problem with the range you were talking abou

But there is still a display problem - that is once you get past about 3200(?) entries, the GUI doesn't cope to well, scrolling slows way down, and it may appear that your table stops at a certain point.

However, the entries will still be there - and as long as your accessing them via scripts it won't be a problem.


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