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Re: Wish list for Frontier 6.x

Posted:4/14/1999; 4:07:03 PM
Topic:Wish list for Frontier 6.x
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On the Macintosh. Please fix it so that when I edit the name of an item that is larger than 32 chars. I don't get that dialog telling me that no more than 32 chars are allowed which prompty sets the text back to the way it was before I started editing. Argh! For me this is a real time waster to have to use a script to fix long ODB names.

We are going to need to address the exporting issue somewhere down the line though. The other day I was attempting to batch export an Index.root. Because the batch export routine only keeps the first 32 or so chars of the name, each file was replaced by the next one down the line. Yikes! Basically I went in and hacked the export routine to use the last 32 or so chars. Oh for long files names in the Mac OS. But even then, I suspect that even with 255 chars, in some cases that won't be enough to get the full name of an ODB entry.

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