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Wish list for Frontier 6.x

Author:Lixian B. Chiu
Posted:4/14/1999; 2:06:09 PM
Topic:Wish list for Frontier 6.x
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1) A callback mechanism for search engine indexing 2) A callback mechanism for searching the index

These two are mainly for double byte search. We will keep all the other search engine scripts (such as ranking, building result, XML-RPC...), but to make the search engine "double-byte aware", we need a different alogorithm to do the search and indexing.

3) A callback for the parsing the postargs so that we can convert the posted data into UTF-8 or other encoding.

4) Do not hard code any "text" into the scripts. For example, in mainResponder.discuss.editMessageForm, we have a line:

add ("


It would be great if we do something like the #urls table:

add ("

" + pta^.labels.Text + "

while we put all label text in the #labels table.

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