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my first script

Author:Darcy Clark
Posted:4/15/1999; 11:38:59 AM
Topic:my first script
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I am a relative Frontier newbie trying to write their first script. I figured my first script should be something useful, so I decided to create something that I actually needed, a script to generate an image gallery. To my dismay, it actually works, but I need some assistance from the old-timers on how to make it work better.

The way it works currently is as follows : the user must create thumbnails of images, naming them with the **SM.jpg suffix - the user then manually imports both the images and their respective thumbnails into an #images table. The script generates an appropriately formatted outline that is then rendered through Frontier's builtin tableOutliner renderer.

Now here's what I would like to happen (and what I need help with). The script should be run as a suite, residing in the suites menu. On running, the user is prompted to select an image directory on the computer and any images in that directory are parsed into an #images table in the currently selected outline, the script then processes the #images table and generates an outline at the same level.

Q1 - my script is very 'localized' in that it references a @homepage.Gallery table that is specific to my GDB. How do I make it less specific so that the script could operate on ANY #images folder ? (I have a clue that I probably need to calculate the "page table address")

Q2 - what commands/verbs do I need to look at to load all the images from a chosen directory on the hard drive into an arbitrary #image table in a guest database.

thanks for any advice,

Darcy Clark

PS: I tried pasting the script to this message, but the formatting was screwy

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