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Re: Frontier v 4.0 errors

Author:John Banks
Posted:4/16/1999; 12:42:03 AM
Topic:Frontier v 4.0 errors
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I am trying to switch from OS 8.0 on a 7200/120 to OS 8.5 on a G3. Some simple scripts work OK, including the tellparams and telltime sample scripts but with most others I get the same "Frontier couldn't process the request because: Mac OS error: -116" message as eli. The error arises when my cgi scripts explicitly call the webserver.parseargs script and the error is generated at the line "string.parseHttpArgs (argstring)" in the parseargs script. I tried calling "string.parseHttpArgs" in the quickscript window and got the same error message. I guess this means any attempt to process POST arguments would also trigger the error.

John Banks.

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