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Frontier v 4.0 errors
Posted:4/15/1999; 6:18:45 AM
Topic:Frontier v 4.0 errors
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I have 2 questions. The first is: I can not find a listing for error messages anywhere. Anyone know where I can find one?

The second is a bit more technical. I am coming into an organization where pre-existing web server was a mac OS 7.x and they were running Frontier 4 and Webstar 2.0.1. Apparently the OS crashed, and they bought a new G3 machine, but loaded Frontier 4 and webstar back onto the machine. Now when the CGI scripts are run, I get an error that Frontier couldn't process the request because: Mac OS error: -116. Anyone have any ideas? Is this an OS issue like I think? Or is there an easy fix that I don't know about? Thanks so much!


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