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Access permissions in Webedit?

Author:Oliver Wrede
Posted:4/16/1999; 1:19:17 PM
Topic:Access permissions in Webedit?
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How can I control which users can access what via the webedit.suite?

I'd like to have it mimic in a way, so that the workflow goes like this:

a. User installs Frontier and gets instructions how to subscribe to a master GDB on a server called "master.root"

b. the admin of the master.root sets up the users information in a "magic" way

c. the user creates a GDB called "slave.root" slects "Update slave.root"

d. he gets the whole structure of master.root (?) but can only chekout/checkin objects on the "master.root" which are within his working scope. (for example ["slave.root"].news.pressreleases)


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