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Sample Second Discussion Group

Author:David Theige
Posted:4/20/1999; 6:18:26 AM
Topic:Discussions for Multiple Membership Groups
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What is this? This is a sample website table for developing a second discussion group website which might have a different membership group (and cookie name) then your first discussion group. In other words, this is useful if you don't want members of one site to have access to the other site.For details see:$5101 Note: a security hole in the attached sample website was fixed on 4/22/99. See$ for details. Download The sample is attached as a fatpage. To get it, choose Enclosure: fatpage above. If you have the editorial suite running you can use Enclosure: RPC. Instructions This table should be a subtable of htmlInterfaces.root. Double-check the #urls table. These will work if your default domain ( is set to the www subfolder of your Guest Databases folder. Setup a new table in discuss.root. The name should be the same as that of the #discussionRoot entry in this table (testTable by default). Inside this table, create three sub-tables named calendar, messages, and prefs. Inside the prefs table, create a number object named nextMsgNum and set its value to 1. Setup a new table in members.root. The name should be the same as the #members entry in this table (test by default). Note that the #members directive is also present in testDiscuss.edit and testDiscuss.public! If you haven't changed the default domain or #urls table, you should be able to signup at: localhost/htmlInterfaces/testDiscuss/ You may get error messages until you post a message from: localhost/htmlInterfaces/testDiscuss/edit/newThread$ Sorry, no warranties. Good luck!

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