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Re: Processing Word as Input?

Author:Oliver Wrede
Posted:4/20/1999; 6:39:41 AM
Topic:Processing Word as Input?
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That's quite OK.

Given a specific workflow and a quite distinct concept about the information you want actually to get into your database, you can easily do a word template for a specific task -- e.g. having a doctor typing an surgery report or an medical analysis or something similar.

In comparance to a free-style word document, this is rather depending on a rather well structured word document.

I don't think, there will be a standard way of using word as editorial interface - otherwise word would be the best thing to use.

I actually did not experiment much with the HTML export, but people are complaining that much about it, that I did not even consider using it.

BTW: I looked at RFT -- it looks painful!

I am checking out the MSXML.DOMDocument stuff in VisualBasic (to which I am an absolute beginner with no documentation at hand) Maybe it is far better to come up with a "exportXML" macro in Word itself?

If this is going to work, the thing could maybe be used as a VBScript, which could be held in suite - Windows only.


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