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Re: Processing Word as Input?

Author:Dave Polaschek
Posted:4/21/1999; 12:09:20 PM
Topic:Processing Word as Input?
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My approach to this problem has always been to take Frontier text (my HTML source) and convert to RTF. Then I can import into Word (or another application) and get the styles I want. I started looking at this in Frontier 4.2.3. but have never finished up the full "Render to RTF" suite. I've got some pieces and don't see any real big hurdles in the way, so it should just be a matter of finding the time to finish it up. The big thing is that rather that putting HTML tags directly into your documents in Frontier, you need to use macros like {bold("some text")} or {beginbold()} and {endbold()}. This means that I can have two versions of the macro, one that generates the HTML tags, and another that generates RTF. The renderer (or redering suite) would have the right bits in its path, and I get two forms of output from the same source.


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