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Processing Word as Input?

Author:Oliver Wrede
Posted:4/19/1999; 12:24:35 AM
Topic:Processing Word as Input?
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Can anyone think of a cool way to import word documents (on Windows)?

I am currently thinking about following possibilities:

  1. opening word and using VBScpript to cut+paste content via clipboard. Problem here:
    1. how to deal with images and embedded objects
    2. how to deal with styles
  2. opening word and using VBScript to filter the file through w2css an process the output of this with the tag extraction kit. Questions here
    1. Can this work?
    2. Does this work with images as well?
    3. Do I have to set up specific Word Templates?

Processing Word files as input seems to be a very common demand. In many institutions people learned to use Word for typing their stuff in and the arguments on staying there are very strong.

Cany anyone think of other ways?


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