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[ANN] Sample App - Personal Desktop

Author:Daniel Bushman
Posted:4/21/1999; 12:29:19 PM
Topic:[ANN] Sample App - Project Site Manager
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I just got a new mainResponder site to the point of working. It's a little customizable yahoo style directory for keeping links and contacts. Technically it is set up as a public site. This is to make it easy for the people at our university to sign up. However, please do NOT "sign up". I have made a member entry for any Frontier users who may want to take a look.


Please log on as:

email: users@frontier

password: abc123

Feel free to add categories, links, and contacts to see how it all works. But please do not change the password. This membership record will be deleted after awhile.

I will be making a public version later. If anyone is interested in the gdb for this app please let me know. If enough people are interested, I might clean it up and give it out.

Any feedback is welcome,


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