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Re: Demystifying Frontier

Author:Lixian B. Chiu
Posted:4/21/1999; 6:02:37 PM
Topic:Demystifying Frontier
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Not quite true!

Using PhotoShop on a Mac is quite different than using PhotoShop on a PC. As Dave once said, the mouses simply behave differently. To people who push pixels everyday, there is a significant incentive to stay on a Mac.

Also, installing and uninstalling an application on a PC still bothers me a lot. On the Mac, 99% of the time, all I need to do is do a few drag & drop to the trash.

A PC user wouldn't feel comfortable on a Mac either, even if the softwares that they use are cross-platform. On the PC, the contextual menu almost always allows the user to Cut, Copy and Paste (unfortunately, Frontier doesn't :-( ). On the Mac, very few softwares does that.

Yes, these are all little things, but it's also true that these little things make the users aware of what OS they are using.

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