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setting up and using channels

Author:David Detlefsen
Posted:4/22/1999; 1:19:03 PM
Topic:setting up and using channels
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I'd like to get started defining my own channels and 'serve' them from frontier and I need some advice/pointers on how to go about this.

My interest is setting up multiple channels internally where people can go to get current info on a project (within a pharmaceutical company). This would be a killer use of this whole channel business since often work is done by many people at different locations.

First, I assume that I need to come up with some way to set up my channel in the format described at I guess the way everybody does this is through scripting pulling stuff from the database, etc. Second, guess I need to set up frontier to 'serve' the channels and then get that serving function pointed at my channel. I can't seem to find any reference on how to do this.

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