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Re: Scalable content via mainResponder

Author:Robert Brook
Posted:4/23/1999; 4:42:31 AM
Topic:Scalable content via mainResponder
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Another way of setting up your firstFilter:

on firstFilter (adrPageTable) {
	local (adr);
	if (adrPageTable^.searchArgs contains "printable=true") {
		adr = @mysite.["#templates"].basic}
	else {
		adr = @mysite.["#templates"].default};
	table.assign (@adrPageTable^.template, adr^);;
	return (true)}

It may look a little clunky, but this works around an assignment problem I was having. It may help someone out there. It's also easy to extend.

Thanks for this Mini-HOWTO: lots more problems solved!

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