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Re: Demystifying Frontier

Posted:4/23/1999; 8:13:10 AM
Topic:Demystifying Frontier
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>For $900 you can replace a whole infrastructure of people, >and at the same time, get ideas out to the world that >aren't watered down, pre-digested, dumbed-down and neutered

But I don't want to get something like Vignette, or some 'content management system' since I don't have my own server to run it on. I just like to use Frontier to make building web sites easier. Where's my product? If the product I like competes with DreamWeaver, then sell me a Frontier-like product with the features I need at a comparable price, I don't need XML-RPC, Discussion Group, built-in web server, etc... I just want to *render pages* that are stored in a db, using templates and a glossary. I can find similar things written in Perl that are GPL, but none (I've seen) are as elegant or complete as Frontier. plus I'd burn brain cells moving to a new system...

And yes, I'm the type of person who *does* care what platform they're on... It matters because if you use a proprietary OS (Mac or Windows) you are somewhat at the mercy of the OS vendor's whim. If they decide that the interface of your OS is going to be a web browser, you can't exactly change the source code to get around it... and in many cases it really is the little things, those subtle nuances of an OS that can make all the difference...

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