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Re: Demystifying Frontier

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:4/23/1999; 8:56:44 AM
Topic:Demystifying Frontier
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We may well offer the product you like somewhere not too far down the line. We need these features on the server, but there's a workstation component that plugs into the server, we're still experimenting with ideas in this area, but will go into active development soon, I hope.

You definitely do need XML-RPC, that's how we can build systems that include both Windows and Mac, and connect to other servers running on Unix. We're also actively exploring getting F6 onto Linux. I sent an email to Microsoft people yesterday asking if they would help us move our Win32 codebase there. We're going to look at WINE, and Metrowerks may possibly have a solution for porting our Mac base to Linux thru Latitude. I honestly don't care how we get there, but we want to be there.

The basic point is this, you can only go so far with static sites. Now we want to tap into the intelligence of computers at all levels, the server was the first place we had to get complete. Next comes the workstation and possibly even clients at some point.

We want you to stay with Frontier, believe me. Things will get simpler from this point out. Much of the serverside power will be hidden behind simple interfaces. The people who are learning F6 now can be architects of very powerful systems that will be (key point) simple for writers and readers to use.

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