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WINE Is Not an Emulator!

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:4/26/1999; 11:26:13 AM
Topic:Linux' wide open spaces
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WINE is not an emulator. I love that recursion. And it carries the message that I was missing. Not an Emulator. Not an Emulator. Repeat 1000 times.

Next question -- can we use WINE to port commercial software? Also, there are disclaimers about it not being ready for users. Is this a deal-stopper for us? Will we have to invest in bringing WINE up to commercial standards? (This is not necessarily a problem.)

Further, we are not going to port the user interface of Frontier at this time. All we want to port is the functionality of user.inetd, and of course everything that reasonably could branch out from there. What does reasonably mean? The object db, website framework, the interpreter, small pieces of the outliner. Basically enough to run a Frontier 6 dynamic website in an odb. XML-RPC would be the bridge that connects the server with workstations, so you could use WebEdit or the DG to enter content into the system.

If everything checks out, the next step is we need a body. Someone with a reasonable amount of experience quickly porting big Win32 apps to Linux using WINE.

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