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Re: WINE Is Not an Emulator!

Author:Jock Murphy
Posted:4/26/1999; 11:42:22 AM
Topic:Linux' wide open spaces
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> Next question -- can we use WINE to port commercial software? Also, > there are disclaimers about it not being ready for users. Is this a > deal-stopper for us? Will we have to invest in bringing WINE up to > commercial standards? (This is not necessarily a problem.)

Well you'll have some company, Corel is doing a lot of work with WINE. As I understand it, they are using it to port most of their software to Linux.

Why not the user interface? I understand that you have limited resources, but if it turns out to be not to much trouble (the big IF), then why not do it?

Keep up the good work, --Jock

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