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Re: WINE ~= Carbon?

Author:Jim Roepcke
Posted:4/26/1999; 6:01:31 PM
Topic:Linux' wide open spaces
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Personally, I think that Frontier would be better served going to MacOS X than to Linux. On OS X it could plug directly into EOF and WebObjects and still retain it's value as a systemwide application scripting utility - something I don't see happening on Linux.

Having WebObjects connect NATIVELY to Frontier (not through XML-RPC, I need a much faster connection) would be just HUGE for us.

We're doing WO apps *right now*, and I miss the ODB. An EOF adaptor for Frontier would be great!

We do content sites in Frontier, and web-apps in WO. The silence between the two is deafening.

So many connections that could be made, so much synergy in the fundamental design pattern both use extensively (key paths). They do different things, differently, but are strangely related.

I guess that's why I like both so much :-)


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