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WINE ~= Carbon?

Author:Robert Cassidy
Posted:4/26/1999; 12:34:32 PM
Topic:Linux' wide open spaces
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So would WINE and Carbon be considered somewhat similar in their purpose where Carbon is basically a set of MacOS libraries you can compile against to run on top of Mach/BSD?

Personally, I think that Frontier would be better served going to MacOS X than to Linux. On OS X it could plug directly into EOF and WebObjects and still retain it's value as a systemwide application scripting utility - something I don't see happening on Linux. I realize that I'll probably catch hell for saying this, but OS X also seems to be catching the interest of shrink-wrap developers more than Linux right now. Software distribution sucks without a *standard* UI model.

The problem with OS X is that many of the components that Dave pulled together to create Frontier already exist and are somewhat integrated. It offers systemwide scripting, generic database APIs (EOF), generic web<->db APIs (WO), and standard system services (BSD 4.4 and it's goodies). What is missing is the logic that makes contentserver and the like function as such. Somebody will pull them together unless Dave beats them to it...

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